Available from CD Baby. ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART, the debut album from Art Grider, is best described in one word - BLUESIFUSIFUNKABOSSABALLADACIOUS!! All of the songs on this album are original compositions, and reflect the funkified nature of Art and his group. The song styles range from funk to fusion with several straight ahead styles included. Anchored by a strong rhythm section (bass-Chris Enghauser, drums-Chris Hood, keyboards-Tracy Reynolds) the album erupts into a smorgasbord of delicious sounds and delectable rhythms sure to make you smile and help carry you through the day. Greg Clinton (guitar, flute) provides awesome comping and solo work. Pat Strawser adds to the mix with some smooth organ comping as well. And as if this isn't enough, Michael Westbrook and Pat elevate the spirit of this album to new heights with their own compositions (Michael - Westbrook Shuffle; Pat - Sea of Dreams). Michael also takes over the guitar responsibilities in his composition while Greg switches to flute. The result - AMAZING!!! Produced by Chris Combs and Pat Strawser. Recorded at Ground Flood Studios, Statham, GA. Available for purchase or download online at: Buy the CD Best Buy (independent music) Tower Records Apple iTunes Napster Rhapsody

Art Grider - Tenor Sax

Art Grider plays tenor sax, and has enjoyed playing in across the USA in various church bands. He has performed in the Athens, GA area at Emmanuel College in Royston, Georgia, the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, the Blue Sky Concert Series on College Square, a featured artist at Borders Bookstore along with ZamarAthens band, and at FARM 255 Restaurant and Bar. His major musical influences are Stan Getz, Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, Charlie Parker, and John Coltrane. Art is also a Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and enjoys using his music as inspiration for his biochemical research. "...(he) knows his abstract jazz and tightly-wound funk like big carbon knows the two little oxygens, gloriously extended notes and all." (Michael Andrews- Flagpole)

Greg Clinton - Guitar, Flute

Greg Clinton plays guitar and flute on this album, and released an album in 2002, Essays and Contemplations. Art had the pleasure of being featured on the third track, Interplanetary Jam.

Tracy Reynolds - Piano

Tracy Reynolds plays keyboard/piano. He is a faculty member at Emmanuel College and is the music minister for Grace Fellowship church in Athen, GA.

Chris Enghauser - Acoustic Bass

Chris Enghauser plays acoustic bass. He is the featured acoustic bassist on several albums, including Bankshot (Chris Stevens), Volume II and Jonesin To Swing (BadaBing BadaBoom), Commonality (Jeff Coffin), and Julie Powell and the Holy Rollin Empire Southern Hymns and Spirituals (Julie Powell).

Chris Hood - Drums

Chris Hood plays drums on this album, and is the drummer for the Southern hip-hop group REHAB. He is the featured drummer on several albums, including Colors of Worship (Amy Fatzinger), Paper Crowns (Amy's Confession), Graffiti to the World (REHAB), Essays and Contemplations (Greg Clinton; track 1: Celebration, track 8: The Wind).